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My 101 Mission
101 Goals in 1001 Days

Start Date: 13th January 2008
End Date: 10th October 2010

Completed: 29/101
In Progress: 20ish/101

Big Boring Things
1. Clear my Credit Cards and Overdraft.
2. Have My Own Living Space
3. Have at least £1001 in savings. (0/1001)
4. Pass my driving test - Completed 5th November 2009
5. Own a Car. - Completed 14th November 2009
6. Uproot and move somewhere new and exciting. Completed 30th March 2010
7. Do 5 selfish things and don’t beat yourself up for it afterwards (0/5)
8. Go one week without worrying that someone is annoyed with me. Completed 7th March 2008
9. Break the rules 10 times. (1/10) 1. I quit my job without having a new one. I won't be doing it again

WOMAN, Like Yourself!
10. Reach and maintain my target weight.
11. Work towards a toned tummy – Considered completed when I can no longer be a “proper” belly dancer with the wibbles to go with it.
12. Buy 5 smart outfits with shoes to match. (0/5)
13. Invest in laser hair removal on my unmentionables.
14. Visit “Hooters” and feel superior. (Stop whining about being so top heavy and enjoy it!)
15. Post once a Month my LJ with something that makes me happy and tag it for easy retrieval. (2/33) - Tagged with "Happy Dance"
16. Take a self portrait photo once a month, upload and date it. (1/33) - Tagged with "Portrait"

Feel The Burn, Not the Belly
17. Go a year without eating MacDonalds (12/12) – Completed 17th January 2009
18. Give up the Deadly 3C’s (Carbonated Drinks, Crisps and Chocolate) for 6 months. (0/6) - Started 1st January 2009
19. Take Vitamins for 3 months (3/3) - Started 16th January 2008
20. Eat breakfast everyday for 6 months. (6/6) - Started 13th January 2008, Finished 13th July 2008
21. Go to the Opticians. Completed February 2008
22. Go to the Dentist. Completed March 2010
23. Complete a half marathon run.
24. Ride my bike 33 times. (3/33)
25. Be able to do 50 proper push ups in one go. (5/50)
26. Do Yoga once a week for 3 months. (0/12)

Try or Buy Something New
27. Learn to play golf. - Completed 25th October 2008
28. Be able to play 5 tunes on the Violin. (0/5)
29. Learn conversational Italian.
30. Learn to make 5 different cocktails. (0/5)
31. Have decorated at least one room to my tastes.
32. Watch all 6 Star Wars Movies in one weekend. Completed First Weekend in November 2008
33. Go Paragliding.
34. Take a Hot Air Balloon ride.
35. Take a dance class.
36. Buy a nice set of chopsticks.
37. Watch 100 movies I feel I should have seen already. (15/100)-
Movie List
1.The Fellowship of The Ring - Extended
2.The Return of the King - Extended
3.The Two Towers - Extended
4.Charlie Wilson's War
5.Donnie Brasco
6.The Last King of Scotland
8.Batman Begins
9.The Godfather
11.The Italian Job
12.The Great Escape
13.The Matrix Revisited
14.Star Wars III - Revenge of the Sith
15.Star Wars V - Empire Strikes Back - I honestly thought I had seen this already, I was so very wrong.

38. Join a local team or club and regularly attend meetings.

I Keep Meaning to...
39. Learn how to use a sewing machine and use it enough to be confident.
40. Learn how to and make a quilt
41. Do one productive thing every month and document it. (2/33)
42. Register and release 20 books on BookCrossing.com. (1/20) - 1.Don't Kiss Them Goodbye (Left on Number 9 bus midday on Friday 20th June.)
43. Learn how to make chocolates and make a gift of them to someone.
44. Participate in Project 365 for at least 365 days. (/365) - Restarted 31st December 2008
45. Put some artwork on Deviant Art. Completed 12th March 2008

Pee Pee Pee's (Personal Pet Projects)
46. Construct a website from scratch and be proud of how it looks.
47. Reach the 50 books in a year Goal. (64/50): - Completed 26th September 2008 The List
48. Complete at least 50,000 words of a novel. (6866/50,000)
49. Let someone else read what you have written. :p
50. Draw until my Sketch Book is full.
51. Paint until I can see improvement.

The Grind
52. Find a job that challenges me. Completed 31 March 2010
53. Increase my salary by at least £5000. Completed 31st March 2010
54. Learn a new skill/Take a course which will improve my CV. -Completed 6th May 2008
55. Take lunch to work with me for 2 months. (0/2) Completed End of March 09

...Makes The World Go Round
56. Have 6 Money Free weekends. (0/6)
57. Continue to budget and know how much I have in my account until I am in the black.
58. Earn £500 that’s not from my main job. (137/500)
59. Spend only £30 on food for one month. - Feel like I cheated a little on this but moved in with Richard's parents briefly and have spent nothing on food.

60. Get a tattoo.
61. Relearn how to do Handstands and Cartwheels.
62. Go Skinny Dipping.
63. Climb 6 Trees. (0/6)
64. Ride a Camel.
65. Buy five new hats and wear them even though you don’t suit hats. (1/5)
66. “Disappear” for a weekend.
67. Get Lost – Spend one day wandering somewhere without thought to finding my way back. (Probably in summer)

Yum Yum
68. Try 30 new recipes of exciting food. (30/30) I Stopped counting but I cook for myself nearly every night and try new recipes at least twice a week.
69. Go Grocery Shopping and only buy things I have never bought before.
70. Try 40 new foods. (20/40)
1. Moroccan Spiced Lamb with Apricot and Sultana Couscous
2. Butternut Squash & Chilli Curluzones with Goats Cheese
3. Babotie (South African Dish)
4. Alcapulco Chicken
5. Chinese Pork Stir Fry
6. Beef in Beer Stew
7. Thai Red Curry
8. Kleftika
9. Stuffed Aubergine
10. Stuffed Tomatoes
11. Crete Cannelloni
12. Peach Stuffed Pork Loin with a Butter and Thyme Rub
13. Stuffed Baked Apples
14. Poached Pears
15. Egg Yolks - GROSS!
16. Passion fruit
17. Mango
18. Cashews
19. Indian Sweets (not sure of proper name)
20. Asparagus

Are We There Yet? How Many More Corners?
71. Go to Italy.
72. Take a picture of myself with 10 famous landmarks/structures. (0/10)
73. Visit Cape Town
74. Visit Scotland
75. Take someone to Dublin.
76. Visit Dee in Austen.
77. Have five new passport stamps. (0/5)
78. Go to the airport on a Friday and randomly buy a seat on the next available flight (excluding Long Haul as I won’t get back in time for work Monday). Spend a totally unplanned weekend wherever I end up. (This one is for after I’ve paid off my debts and have some savings ;) )

Make Someone Happy
79. Write 20 random notes to let people know I was thinking about them (3/20):

1.Not-Valentines Card - I wrote Rich a card randomly to tell him what I liked about him. It had a little fairy on the front which said "What I love about you... is your willy!" It made me giggle.
2.The Easter Claus - I sent Essy a little note of nonsense for Easter and included a Santa Claus pen which I found on my desk.
3.Cactus Penis - Left rich a note under his duvet telling him things aren't as bad as they seem and that I love him. Also that his Cactus loves him too... which is why it keeps trying to look like a giant cock! Haha

80. Organise and carry out 33 Surprises! (2/33):

1.Boo - I turned up at Richard's work unannounced on a Thursday night.
2.Care Package - I made Rich a care package of some of his favourite things, cold medicine and some magazines when he was ill. I even drew a little card of a dinosaur sneezing!

81. Take a photo of me & my siblings, have it printed, frame it for my mother. - Completed in November 2008
82. Go up in the horrid loft to help mum sort it out.
83. Give out 30 “No Reason” hugs (30/30)
84. Treat my mother to a weekend away somewhere.
85. Make a huge fuss for someone’s Birthday just to make them smile. - Completed 15th May 08 for Richard's Birthday.

86. Use a calendar to keep track of my life. Be more organised.
87. Go through and throw out as many sentimental keepsakes as I can bare.
88. Put any that I can’t bare to throw away into a scrapbook/memory box.
89. Finish organising my Itunes, including artwork. Keep it up to date and backed up!
90. Update my email contacts to include Address’, Phone Numbers and Birthdays.
91. Fill my 80gb Ipod with exciting music. (53/80)
92. Empty and sort out the landing cupboard. Claim a Shelf as MINE!
93. Make a comprehensive list of my DVD’s and keep it up to date.
94. Sort through all my cosmetics/bathroom paraphernalia and throw out stuff which I haven’t used in 3 months.
95. Stop “Saving” the notebook I keep with me everyday and USE it for more than just my budget. Considered completed when I have to replace it.
96. Snazz up & Print out Items on this list, cover my walls at mum’s with them to stay motivated. Take them down as I complete them.

Day Tripper
97. Go to a museum. Completed May 24-27th 2008. Visited A Tank Museum, eavesdropped on an old man talking about the tank he rode in to his son. Was awesome!
98. Visit my monkey “TJ” at Monkey World in Dorset. Completed 26th May 2008.
99. Turn up somewhere uninvited.
100. Use my Snowboard Vouchers and take at least 2 follow up lessons/visits to slope. (0/3)
101. When I go on a reasonably long journey on public transport, write something (A letter, confession, poem, riddle) and leave it behind. (0/5)

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Hi. This is going to seem REALLY random and possibly a bit scary...

I found this post on the 101mission comm, and I was reading it, I noticed you mentioned a friend called Essy.. did you go to uni in Liverpool and is your Essy really called Claire?

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