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21 July 1982
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I'm average at everything, except being me, at which I rule!

    Being Me involves:
  • knowing well the look of confusion on other people's faces

  • Worrying unduly that everyone is upset with me, all the time

  • Making strange noises to express myself. After a while, friends start to know what your "talking" about ;)

  • Biting people. They are love bites, truely!

  • Buying wicked Birthday presents

  • Trying on hats in shops. Blatant old lady hats are the best

  • loblonginess

  • Listening to the little voices in my head. Things I have learnt through doing that...

    • "What is through the door that says staff only?" - A guy carrying carpet and singing along at the top of his voice to Phil Collins. He doesn't like the intrusion.

    • "How will _______ react if I put my finger in their mouth when they yawn?" - Most people jump, then bite you.

    • "Can I get away with smacking platonic friends arses on a regular basis?" - Yes, they seem to like it

    • "Can I shimmy?" - No, and next time you're not sure if you can do something, don't try it in public with friends present

    • "How many takes did they have to get that malteaser advert filmed?" - I am incapable of blowing a malteaser directly in the air and catching it in my mouth. I can however effectively spit malteasers into my own eye sockets.

    • That sometimes I should know when to stop talking. Why do I not have that ability?